Alan Manson Voiceover Artist and Actor

Find the perfect talent in Alan Manson

Alan has been a voiceover artist since 2020. He is creative, versatile, and truly professional, bringing broadcast quality audio to your project.

His very first audiobook has already been a finalist in the 2022 N .N. Light Book Awards.

Meet Your Artist

I'm a non-union male voiceover artist and actor with a home studio in Miami Beach featuring broadcast quality sound and Source Connect for all your voiceover needs. I'm also the proud founder, owner, and Creative Director of Voices of Alan, my business. My goal is to make genuine connections with clients, viewers, and listeners, and to lend my voice and acting abilities to the voiceover and acting communities, enriching the listening and viewing experiences of audiences of all kinds.

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Service Approach

I offer professional voice recording and editing to my clients. To fuel my creative process, I follow my intuition and gut instincts. I have a sixth sense for understanding what people want and take risks to ensure that I get the read right.

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